Request for public comment

Ten years ago, the AAA published guidelines for establishing new programs in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. Since then there have been three new medical schools, two new schools of dentistry and two new programs in pharmacy. Drawing on what has been learned from these experiences, a global task force updated the guidelines. They are now available for public comment until February 16, 2021. The revised guidelines will be voted by the International Board of Education and AAA in April 2021.

The proposed changes to the Accreditation Guidelines for Establishing Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy are available via the following links. Kindly note that two documents of the proposed changes are available. One shows major revisions using Track Changes, and the other is a “clean copy.” Only significant revisions are shown. Changes involving punctuation, reordering content without changing meaning, and minor editorial changes to clarify intent are not shown in the mark-up version.

There is also a set of slides that shows the overall structure and major revisions (in red). The version of the Guidelines currently in effect may be accessed via this link.

If you would like to provide a comment on these proposed changes, please send your comment to: Linda Torske ([email protected]).

Version of the Guidelines incorporating public comment: